Slow Fashion Spotlight: MATTER Prints


A few months ago I started going through my closet and looking at the labels of where my clothes were from. They all said the same thing: China, Taiwan, and India. I thought to myself: where, how, and who are these people making my clothes? I started to investigate the source of where my clothes were coming from. At first, my journey of slow fashion started because of articles like this one: Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry.

I started researching about the type of environmental impact my clothes had on the earth. I heard horror stories of polluted oceans, textile waste, plastic consumption, pesticides used on cotton farms…the list goes on. Then I started to dive deeper and research companies. I was shocked about the conditions of these factories, their terrible environmental impact, and greedy consumption of natural resources. It made me want to only buy slow fashion items that are ethically produced for the rest of my life. So since these findings, I have been slowly converting my closet to be 100% sustainable and ethical.

At the center of my conversion has been an incredible company called: Matter Prints. Matter Prints is a ground-breaking company, that is mission-driven. They are changing the way clothes are made with these three values:

  1. To foster designer-artisan collaborations;
  2. Inspire customers to value provenance & process;
  3. Pioneer industry change & sustainability for rural textile communities.


What does rural artisan production mean? This means that they are connecting artisans with designers and customers to make their work more accessible to the larger market. MATTER is helping these artisans stories and crafts be told, as each craft is a cultural heritage.

Not only are they creating a way to connect artisan designers to a larger market, but also they want their customers to believe in the cultural process and story of where it all begins. They want their customers: To ask where and why something is made, and by whom, and to expand a community that celebrates heritage.


One of their biggest values is the concept that fashion should be slow and sustainable. They are, by default, a slow fashion company because of the seasonal textiles they source from the artisans. They test out their styles over time and either phase them out or bring them back in. It is a work of art, not a piece of clothing that is too be rushed. They focus on making the best product possible, not the most. They praise themselves on a 6-month process on each of their products. Each print has a story and a culture. Working collaboratively with artisans, this process incorporates the natural time cycles of printing and weaving of the artisans, meaning a longer buffer period that takes into account serendipities of weather, festivities, and harvest cycles- MATTER

It’s companies like MATTER that highlight slow fashion, ethical fashion, and sustainable fashion. They are the future of fashion.

MATTER is a purpose-driven company: We see ourselves as a socially motivated brand, because we are motivated beyond profit, which has traditionally been the singular unit of measurement of a business’ success. Driven by purpose and provenance, we want MATTER to be a catalyst for change, to be the foremost artisan-based brand pioneering industry change and sustainability of rural craft livelihood in Asia.


Shop Sustainably: check out their website here: Matter Prints




Minimizing Waste 101


If you are on the path of living a waste-free life/ minimizing waste or toying with the idea, these essentials will kick start your mission!

  1. Tupperware: once you get a cabinet full of re-usable Tupperware the more you’ll use it! Gone are the days that you can’t bring lunch to work because you don’t have something to put it in. (minimizes one use plastic waste)
  2. Bees Wrap: perfect for wrapping breads, leftovers, and more (replaces plastic wrap)
  3. Lena Cup: been using mine for over a year, saves money and saves the environment (replaces tampons and pads)
  4. Bamboo Toothbrushes: 100% biodegradable and only a $12 for a 4 pack. That lasts you a full year! Goodbye standard plastic toothbrushes! (Replaces plastic tooth brush).
  5. Reusable bag/ reusable water bottle: if you’re not bringing a reusable bag or water bottle everywhere you go…then this is a must! (Replaces plastic bags + water bottles)
  6. Metal straws: pop one in your bag and you’re good to go! Super easy to clean! (Replaces plastic straws).
  7. Produce bags: this one is hard to remember but so important! Don’t use plastic bags anymore for your veggies. (Replaces plastic veggie bags).
  8. Reusable coffee mug: if you’re on the go this one is a must! Bring it with you and have them fill up your coffee in your own mug. (Replaces one use coffee cups).

I hope that helps kick-start your waste-free life! Coming up in my life is going bulk shopping 🙌🏼 this means getting all my shampoos, oils, lotions, soaps, and dry goods via the bulk section. Stay tuned for a bulk 101!

Sustainable Living and How it Can Make You Happier 


Sustainable living and how it can make you happier: read below!

You’ve probably thought to yourself: I’m one person, how does my waste, the way I eat, the products I use, contribute to our earth positively or negatively? I’ve thought this before too: it’s the same reasoning behind why people think their way of living doesn’t have an impact on others.

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#UpForAnything Athleta Experience

Going into the new year I couldn’t have been more excited to receive an email asking me to partner with one of my favorite brands: Athleta.

“This January, Athleta is challenging you and a friend to be #UpForAnything by asking you to register you + a friend for a fitness class (of your choice) that you have never tried before, but have always wanted to!”

I was actually out at breakfast with my friend Elise when I received that email, and we both were so excited to do a fitness class together! I gladly accepted and waited for the box of goodies to arrive. Once they arrived I had some serious unpacking to do!

Are you #UpForAnything? YES!!!

Inside were the following items (I have linked them all so you can find them easily on their website):

  1. UpForAnything Tight: I am wearing a XXS in all my photos in color Exotic Fuchsia. 
  2. All In Bra: I am wearing an XS in white.
  3. Essence Tie Back Tank: I am an XXS in this top
  4. Swell Waterbottle:  I love my water bottle so much! It is perfect..#sustainablelifestyle
  5. And a little note nominating me and a friend to be up for anything this year!


Decked out from head to toe in Athleta’s newest gear I couldn’t have been more excited to sweat in a new class I had never taken before! We chose a reformer class at MNT Studio in San Francisco. Coming from a weight lifting, high intensity, and cardio based background this was really out of my element and comfort zone. Never do I work little muscles and it was so important for me to try! Here is a photo of me getting ready for my class!


We went to the studio and were immediately excited as the atmosphere was fresh and so clean. It was extremely inviting and boutique! We waited in this area to get ready for class.


The class was an hour long, and wow was it a difficult hour. The little movements and pulsing had me sweating. I never work these muscles nor do I work on my balance, and this had both combined. You have to be patient and do everything correctly with correct posture to feel the full effect.


This class was not only physically difficult but mentally difficult. It took everything for me to not to give up on the little movements. I had to take many breaks, and by no means was my posture or performance near to being good. The thing that mattered is that I went out of my comfort zone and walked into a class that I knew nothing about. I always applaud those people for trying something new. It is really scary and uncomfortable, but once you finish it you feel exhilarated.


So I challenge you to be that person that is new to a class. To walk in unsure of the outcome or how well you will perform. It isn’t about how well you do in the class it is how much you put into the class when you are there.  I want you to be up for anything this year, and say yes to more opportunities! Constantly go out of your comfort zone and try something new, out of your routine, at least once a week.

In paid partnership with Athleta

Finding Motivation to Sweat in the Winter: Top 5 Tips


How un-motivated do you feel in the winter time? For me, this is my hardest season to get motivated and active for many reasons;

  • The sun rises later and sets sooner.
  • It is cold. cold. cold.
  • The weather is dark and gloomy
  • You can’t really run outside…because of frozen lungs.
  • Who wants to leave their cozy house??

These are a few roadblocks I run into when I am trying to exercise. They turn into excuses, and then it turns into a night at home.


I grew up in Stowe, Vermont for 15 years so I know a thing or two about getting motivated to exercise in the cold (even though I have recently moved to San Francisco). Here are my top tips to get you motivated this winter!

  1. Make sure your gym is easily accessible. If it is a quick 5-minute walk or a short cold car ride. Nothing is worse than having to commute to the gym in the car! Try to find a gym close by or work out from home (which is what I do!)
  2. Download the Mindbody App or ClassPass. I have both and it lets me sign up for classes near me. I know I won’t miss a hip-hop class if I am scheduled + paid to be there. I also have Class Pass so I can get my Barry’s Bootcamp in.  A great idea if you have trouble getting motivated! I find that classes +  the tone it up app are perfect for me!
  3. Workout with Friends: Hold yourself accountable! Text a friend and have them do a class with you after work. This will make both of you face the cold together!
  4. Workout from Home: This one is so hard sometimes because if you are home wouldn’t you rather watch Netflix? too. That is why I get up early before work and crush a 30-minute weight routine. That way when I am done with work I can go home and relax!
  5. Bundle up and listen to music! Let’s face it- the weather isn’t changing so you have to adapt. Put on some comfy workout clothes (my favorite brands are athleta and lululemon), listen to some good tunes (plantronics all the way baby!), and walk out your door. You got this!

One extra tip: If you are feeling super motivated you can go for a winter hike, hok ski, snowshoe, or sledding (walking up hills gets your heart pumping). This picture below was from a hike I did in Stowe. One of the most beautiful views and you get warmed up the entire way!



Travel Instagram is LIVE + One Day In SF


Traveling + photography are my passions and I never get to showcase the photos I take. So I created an Instagram to show you guys my past + current travels! Right now I am in the works of uploading + editing old photos. Photos people have never seen before….photos that were sitting in my google albums unedited, and unappreciated.

If you guys want to check it out please do! You can find my Instagram here: @globe.trotting.chlo.

Now that I got that out of the way, I am here to give you a ONE day MUST Itinerary for San Francisco. So if you had one day and only one day what should you do?

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Don’t Say Your Goals Out Loud

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDecember. One of the busiest, most expensive, and most incredible months of the year. Most bloggers use this as a time to talk about setting goals (then they share theirs), exceeding expectations, and getting your “dream body in the new year.”

Don’t be stressed. December for me is a reflection on how my year went and how I can do better the next year. As a person, as a employee, as a friend, as a sister, and as a contributing individual to society. How do I want to leave my mark next year and give back?

Every year I have resolutions like many of you. However, I never say them out loud. If you say them out loud it feels like you already accomplished it.  Please watch this incredible Ted Talk by Derek Sivers about keeping your goals to yourself: Ted Talk.

This Ted Talk is extremely important because talking about your goals to friends might be stopping you from obtaining them. I have made this mistake many times saying goals aloud and already giving myself satisfaction without completing the goal itself. This loses its power, its strength, and its weight. Overtime, you will forget you even had that goal because you already felt like you had completed it.

I have a fun thing for you to do, that I do once a year on Christmas night. Each year, my family and I sit around the dinner table and we read little notes kept in a bottle. That little note was a goal and what we wanted to accomplish in the year ahead. We don’t say them out loud, we don’t tell each other what we wrote. All we do is we read the one’s from last year, and we curl up the new ones in a bottle. This is a super fun exercise, because what you write on that note is a note you put your full heart into. It is a goal you don’t have to remind yourself to do. You will complete it if you have the will to do so. Now, don’t tell anyone this goal. Keep it to yourself, and I have no doubts that you will complete this goal without even realizing you did so.